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Ratech was established through Piotr Sarre’s initiative, mainly on the basis of his technological studies and purchased license.  The company’s foundation was preceded by Piotr Sarre’s and Wojciech Myśliński’s work, as representatives of Mannesmann Demag Energie und Umwelt Technik in Poland, for the implementation of pyrolysis technology in the years 1995 - 99.  After the split and buy-out of the Mannesmann corporation by English and French companies, RATech was established and registered in 2000 in order to continue the work.  

The company initially had four owners, from 2005 to 2009 five owners, while today, after its further transformation, it is owned by two individuals, Piotr Sarre and Wojciech Myśliński, as well as Nowax Sp. z o.o.  From 2000 to 2004, the company conducted promotional activities, only implementing small design projects to reduce marketing costs.  At this time, the ratio of waste prices in Poland to capital expenditure prevented any implementation based on bank loans.  However, it was possible to initiate the idea of dry distillation in more than 50 towns in Poland, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic and certain towns of the EU.  This market, which was being developed for several years, started to grow rapidly.

In 2005, the company obtained an Austrian license for certain design solutions of equipment for conducting the pyrolysis process, with exclusivity in Europe and Asia.

In 2004, the company conducted administrative procedures and obtained legally binding building permission for two investors for the construction of thermal waste processing plants based on its solutions.  These are probably the only legally binding building permissions in Poland for large thermal waste processing plants which were additionally obtained without social protests.  The construction of a plant with a municipal waste processing capacity of 140 k Mg per year is in progress, but suspended due to a lack of funding.  The investor is currently applying for co-financing with EU funding and, if successful, plans to restart work in 2009.  The next project in Central Poland is in its preparatory stage.

The company’s scientific consultant is the Institute of Industrial Electrical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology managed by Prof. Jerzy Tomeczek and Prof. Zbigniew Bis’ team from the Częstochowa University of Technology.

In terms of design and implementation of the main equipment, the company works with LOI Poland Sp. z o.o., a branch of LOI GmbH, no. 1 in the world in industrial furnaces.       

RATech also received exclusivity from Piotr Sarre for implementing other more minor technologies based on his inventions and know-how, all applying to the recovery of commercial substances from various organic and mineral waste.  NOWAX Sp. z o.o. became a shareholder in Ratech in March 2009.  The combination of technological knowledge and production capabilities significantly increased Ratech’s opportunities to operate on the rapidly expanding waste processing market.

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